Just over a month ago, we had the opportunity to screen a mid-production version of the documentary The Big Flip: Stories From the Modern Home Front and we discussed the film with Director Izzy Chan and Photographer Paige Green. The film focuses on a handful of families who have decided, for different reasons, to adopt a financial model in which the female is the bread winner. The film is not only a very important one, it’s an astonishingly human documentary which sets an example for understanding Americans on human terms as opposed to social, cultural, or political ones.

The Big Flip is entering the final week of its second crowdfunding campaign, with the goal of licensing the music of independent bands and musicians whose creative goals align with those of the filmmakers. We encourage you all to at least serve as an audience to the film, if not as direct supporters.

Have a look at the latest trailer below:

Featured Image: Izzy Chan and Paige Green