BLOTTER | APRIL 11, 2017

Hello. Algorithms are controlling our lives. This is true both in the Kylie-Jenner-tweeting-about-contrails conspiracy sense, but in the material sense, too. The data you generate increasingly informs and shapes the reality you’re presented. So, what if all that data churn could go beyond just advertising at you, and instead be used in purposeful and innovative ways?

This week, Bloomburg shared the story of Thomas Hargrove, a retired reporter who had some time on his hands and some data he wanted to crunch. When he began to notice some patterns, he sent the police department in Gary, Indiana an email with the subject line “Could there be a serial killer active in the Gary area?” I would read that email.

Meanwhile, in a completely different data set, here are the results of a Portland NBC affiliate’s poll of 86 burglars about how they broke into homes.

(If you’re into this kind of thing, check out Geoff Manaugh’s equal parts fun and disturbing A Burglar’s Guide to the City).

Mexican actress Kate del Castillo ran into some trouble filming the new Netflix series Ingobernable. It turns out that since her 2015 meeting with El Chapo, she hasn’t felt safe in her home country.

Need a new podcast? If you’re the type who listens to them, I imagine you do. I’ll vouch for 6,3, and 1. Haven’t spent much time with any of the others, so let me know.

Both Generation Why and Sword and Scale have done episodes on the Holly Bobo murder. If you followed along, you’ll want to read the latest on the long-delayed trial.

Finally, two upcoming releases I’m daydreaming about:

1. The first, like most things true crime-related these days, has a podcast connection. If you haven’t yet heard the British series Unexplained, I’d recommend starting with Episode 8: When the Light Fades, about the eerie, still-unsolved disappearance of a group of lighthouse keepers. Why? It looks like it’s in the process of being turned into what could be a fascinating movie.

2. Finally, how did I miss the news that there’s going to be a Lizzie Borden biopic (!) starring both Kristen Stewart (!!), and Chloë Sevigny (!!!)? No release date yet. I’ll just be waiting over here real casual-like.

See you Thursday!


Featured Image: Lizzie Borden Took An Ax, Lifetime/Sony