Hey, did you see the news yesterday? Not the relentlessly bad kind, but the trailer for the upcoming Katheryn Bigelow feature, Detroit? We covered it so no need to leave AE’s warm embrace. It’s a politically charged Bigelow feature, so expect plenty of debate leading up to the film’s August release.

If you’d like a background on some of the events depicted in the trailer, here’s a good place to start.

How about a quick roundup of true crime-related TV and movie news to take the edge off?

  • My young adulthood continues to be optioned for prestige dramatization.
  • This fall will see the release of Stronger, another movie chronicling the events of the Boston Bombing, this time with Jake Gyllenhaal in the lead.
  • Regina King, the best friend of my daydreams since at least 1995, is producing and starring in an upcoming FX crime drama based on the horrific Atlanta Child Murders (which remains a murky case to this day).
  • Hulu has landed exclusive American rights to the CBC true crime drama, Pure, based on a true story and described as “the story of a Mennonite pastor trying to protect his family and preserve his faith while battling drug trafficking within his community.”
  • The two most exciting facts in this story about an upcoming eight-part series about the Menendez Brothers are that 1) Dick Wolf is producing it, and 2) Lifetime is airing a different Menendez movie starring Courtney Love.
  • Showtime will be airing the latest Laura Poitras (Citizenfour) documentary, Risk, about Julian Assange.

Looking for something you can watch right now? Solitary: Inside Red Onion State Prison is available on HBO and its streaming networks. I’d passed this one over based on its title, assuming it was one more sensationalized, morally suspect look at prison life. Looks like I was very wrong.

Need something to listen to? This guy has three podcasts in the mix that might be of interest to you.

Finally, a few reads to take you through the weekend:

Be smarter than me, and don’t read either of those before bed. See you next week.

Featured Image: Showtime