It’s a film-heavy week of links below, leaning hard on the classics, as I’d argue we often should. Plus, I’ve got some lovely longer pieces for you to open in a tab on your phone and maybe discover two weeks from now excited you forgot to read it. Or at least that’s how I most often read things.

I’ve had some trouble lately digging up quality podcasts to share with you. If you have a recent fave that’s (even tangentially) crime-related, fictional or not, we’d love to hear about it. Tell us at @WeTalkMovies so we can spread the gospel.



  • As a Don Winslow superfan (he once said “Hi, I’m Don” to me at a book signing), news that he just sold the film rights to one his non-fiction books—The Last Good Heist: The Inside Story Of The Biggest Single Payday In The Criminal History Of The Northeast—is second only to news he’ll be the one writing the screenplay
  • lololololololololololol



  • Is Jessica Biel’s new series, The Sinner, based on a true crime? Maaaybe? Is it based on a novel which is maybe based on a true crime? Definitely. Full details if you’re interested


Featured Image: USA Network