For today’s Blotter, we’re going to move away from our usual media—films, books, television, podcasts—to take a look at the shadowy corners where the worlds of crime and art intersect.

First let’s get in the mood. Throw some jazz on and pour yourself a [Googles old time drinks] …Rob Roy (?) and let’s begin by taking a look at the visual arts.

The Guardian compiled a short but compelling list of ten crime scenes depicted in art. Not all are pictured, but all are worth an image search and a few moments of contemplation—and maybe a trip down a Wiki hole for some of the more obscure crimes.

Next, what would you think about the behavior of a woman who is briefly introduced to a man, tracks him from one European city to another and surreptitiously follows him, shooting photos the whole time? Is she a voyeur? Or worse, a stalker? Would it make a difference if she were an artist? These are some of the questions raised by the 1983 project “The Address Book,” by artist Sophie Calle.

Finally, the work of Joe Gibbons crosses an even more demarcated line than does Calles’. Gibbons consider his bank robberies his art. And he has more supporters and believers than you might expect.

Change of music.

Next, let’s take a quick jaunt through your art history memory stores to look at what names you know who were also—at one time—known by the law.

Finally, let’s wind it down with a few longreads:

See you Thursday (I hope?)!

Featured Image: Nickelodeon