Hello again!

Earlier this week, we checked in on the latest true crime onscreen. There was so much news and so many links, we decided to do a two-parter and send you into the weekend with plenty more to read (and hear). Onward.

Let’s turn first to some crime news.

At the risk of sounding glib, I couldn’t help but consider this Margaret Atwood quote when I heard about this story. It’s always felt true in the gut sense to me, though I wish that weren’t the case. You can read more about the confusion initially surrounding this homicide, though it doesn’t make the motivation any less baffling.

Earlier this week, Buzzfeed published a story called This Girl Has Been Missing For 19 Years, But You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Her, that not only tells the story of the aftermath of being the parent of a missing child, it also confronts the double-standard applied to cases by police and media as a result of  “missing white woman syndrome.”

In podcast news, I’ve shared my love of fictional, trippy, crime drama Homecoming here before (season 2 just began), but I just learned it’s now being adapted by Amazon for the small screen. Julia Roberts has signed on to play the lead that was portrayed by Catherine Keener on the podcast. As a fan of Keener (and her voice) from the wayback, it’s a disappointing casting decision to me, though of course I’ll watch.

Speaking of the wayback, here’s a great standalone crime-related episode of This American Life you might have missed the first time around: The Ghost of Bobby Dunbar.

Also, I loved this episode of Reply All about telephone scam revenge.

Finally, a few more things to read while you’re lounging this weekend (I hope you lounge):

See you on Tuesday.