Hi again, pals. I’m here with a short roundup of all things true crime and true crime adjacent (sometimes I feel like there are sea disasters you need to be aware of, it’s no big deal). Let’s first take a closer look at our nasty habit.

Being into true crime is good, so says this article that touts the therapeutic qualities of the hobby.

But, actually? It’s bad. Or at the very least, it is really screwing over some kids’ Halloweens.

Maybe it’s the Mindhunter binge that has me feeling philosophical about the whole thing. Earlier this week, I reviewed it and liked it. A lot. Last month I got the chance to hear the writer Zadie Smith speak about her newest book, and she told us conversationally that she never bothers to explain things in her work that she knows people will just look up in their phone while they’re reading. Why explain a song’s lyrics when someone will just look it up anyway if they’re interested. It’s a modern way of interacting with art whose effect I hadn’t considered before. But that’s what I do. How about you?

I know I went down a rabbit hole of Mindhunter research—starting with “are those real guys?”—before moving on to see what Ed Kemper, the Co-ed Killer is up to these days, thanks to Wikipedia. Turns out he’s still a model prisoner who not only schedules other patients’ psychiatric visits on a master calendar, but also reads books for the blind. Multitudes.

Finally, if you’ve been on the fence about listening to the latest podcast sensation, Dirty John, this might convince you.

Oh, and if you’ve already listened, please enjoy these tweets.

That’s it for now! See you Thursday.