Hello, pals. I’m back again with your roundup of Thursday true crime links. I have plenty, so let’s get started with TV. I’m excited for Waco, an upcoming six-part series about the disastrous 1993 Branch Davidian siege in Waco, Texas. Michael Shannon stars alongside a frighteningly accurate-looking Taylor Kitsch as leader David Koresh. The show will air in January but you can watch a trailer here.

If you’re in the UK, you might be familiar with ITV’s Call the Cleaners, a reality show that follows the everyday situations the men of Merseyside House Clearance are presented with as they respond to crime scene cleanup requests. Even if you can’t get the show, The Mirror has an interesting if lurid piece on them earlier this week.

In film news, a law blog ponders what happens when movies get true crime wrong? And two recent pieces made me wonder what we ever really knew to begin with: Maura Murray’s story only grows murkier as time passes, and—in a callback to several earlier events we’ve mentioned here—the woman who has had multiple high-profile fugue events (including her headline-making discovery floating face down in New York’s Hudson River in 2008), has gone missing again, this time from the hurricane-ravaged U.S. Virgin Islands.

And speaking of hurricanes, is it too soon to consider books about climate change true crime? Because the way we’re responding is certainly beginning to feel criminal. Earlier this week, the New York Times looked at a few recent examples of “cli-fi” or science fiction specifically dealing with climate change and questioned how likely these scenarios might be. Personally, I haven’t stopped worrying about water supply since I read The Water Knife (referenced here) earlier this year. Meanwhile, Bustle is back with some more recent true crime book suggestions, and GQ has a nice feature on a graphic novel based on the Leopold and Loeb “thrill killings.” Refinery 29 reviews that rare bird, the true crime memoir, with The Hot One.

Finally, a few fantastic longreads to see you through the weekend:

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you on Tuesday!