Whether it’s true, there’s something about the depths of summer that makes it seem like a time violent crimes are more likely to happen. It’s hot, everyone’s on edge and out much later than they should be. Zodiac, Manson, Wonderland—and of course every fictional summer camp in a horror movie ever. It makes a kind of sense. Later on, I’ll mention one of my favorite memoirs, written by a woman tangentially related to one of these infamous crimes. It’ll make for good summer reading if you’re in need of that. Now, onto the links.



  • Speaking of documentaries, Erol Morris has made some of the best. Listen as he talks career, legacy, and how he helped usher in a true crime wave.
  • It’s getting hard to keep all the Missing White Women podcasts straight (sorry, but also I’m not), but if Unconcluded has been one you’ve been following, this story is interesting for its look at how an amateur sleuth is telling the story.



This story, about an 18-year old woman who died from an overdose of synthetic opioids is tragic, but fascinating for its look at how one police department even begins to find out who dealt her the dangerous drug—and hopefully finds out before it claims another victim.


I first stumbled on to Dawn Schiller’s memoir about her time as a teenage runaway dating John Holmes when I was looking for some salacious true crime to read. And, don’t get me wrong, the story is just that, but it’s also a gripping and personal account of how Dawn survived horrific circumstances and came to understand her own victimization (without being defined by it). It’s also an insider’s look at where Holmes’s life was out in the time period leading up to the infamous Wonderland Murders (also, the book is less than $4 on Kindle, so no reason not to pick it up).

I’ve never watched the 2003 film based on the murders, but if you’ve forgotten about it, here’s your reminder.

Finally, if you’d just like a solid overview of the case itself, you can find one here.


  • Not legally a crime, but still one against nature for many years, here’s the story of the damage Domino’s inflicted on pizza and how they tried to fix it.
  • So you’ve joined an endtimes cult. What would you like to worship?
  • Finally, most xojane It Happened to Me columns were trash, but this is a rare gem. It’s the story of what it’s like when you’re a child and your parents decide to adopt a murderer.

On a personal note, I’ll have a reported piece on opioids coming out on Monday. I’ll be sharing the link on my Twitter. I hope you’ll check it out. I’ll see you Tuesday!