Happy June! This is our twentieth installment of Blotter—thanks for reading—so we’re going to try and pack a lot in. Deep breath, here goes:

In podcasts, Forbes talked with Maria Konnikova, host of the excellent show The Grift, about the screwy mental distortion of interviewing the most convincing liars in the game.

I just began listening to They Walk Among Us, a UK podcast about some of Britain’s most intriguing cases and I’m hooked, if you need a new show.

Also, be sure to look for AE’s Becky Belzile on Pop Culture Case Study this week, talking Patty Jenkins’ Monster, a film I revisited this week, too.

If you needed a reminder that not all true crime is trash, here it is: The Baltimore Police Department is changing the ways they respond to sexual assault, thanks to issues raised by the Netflix series The Keepers.

Also, this might be burying the lede, but Zac Efron just signed on to play Ted Bundy and I don’t think it’s the worst idea?

Meanwhile, if you’re fortunate to live somewhere that actually feels summer-like and you want to stay inside for the AC, here are your new crime-related streaming titles for the month:


  • Zodiac, 6/1
  • El Chapo, Season 1 6/1
  • The Stanford Prison Experiment, 6/17

Amazon Prime

  • Bowling for Columbine, 6/1
  • The Most Dangerous Game, 6/1
  • World Trade Center, 6/1

Need something to read? Rolling Stone offered up its picks for the best true-crime books for music lovers.

Tomorrow night, Discovery will air their new show, Alaska Homicide, described this way:

“In the largely untouched, unpopulated landscape of Alaska, people go missing at a rate eerily higher per capita than any other state. This new true-crime series follows an Alaska State Trooper and his team of investigators as they navigate the nation’s northernmost state’s unforgiving terrain to try to crack these mysterious cases.”

Finally, this has nothing to do with entertainment , but if you’ve never gotten sucked into the bizarro (and possibly illegal!) world of the guru of hot yoga, here’s your chance.

Featured Image: Newmarket Films