How’s your day going? Slowly? The long weekend (at least in the States) is almost here. Patience. I’ve got some true crime links to pass the time.

A VICE roundup of the fall TV shows they’re excited about is entitled “All the Dumb TV Shows I’m Going to Watch This Fall” and includes Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders, which, same.

We’ve seen film as a form of advocacy before, but few filmmakers have had as much success garnering attention for the wrongly convicted as Shawn Rech. Here’s a fascinating profile from XY about his work, his motivations and the men whose stories he’s told.

In the written world, Publisher’s Weekly has a Top 10 list of true crime books. You’ve heard of most of them, but it’s a good chance to be reminded of any you’ve forgotten.

It also includes a mention of the new book by Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich, The Fact of a Body. It’s part-memoir, part-true crime and generating a lot of well-earned buzz. Guardian is calling it “Summer’s Must-Read.” You can read their review here and get as hyped as I am.

If you enjoyed Mommy Dead and Dearest and need a fix, this interview with its director, Erin Lee Carr, offers plenty of behind-the-scenes scoop.

Finally, this Texas Monthly longread from 1996 has it all—Glamour Shots, pre-Breaking Bad chemistry nefariousness, and this description: “How a loving daughter and star student stole barium acetate from her high school chemistry lab, put it in her father’s refried beans, and almost got away with murder.”

I’ll see you Tuesday. Go get some sun.

Featured Image: NBC