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It’s true that true crime stories are everywhere (guilty), but have you ever wondered why the podcast has become the premier delivery system of these crimes? Rolling Stone tried to figure out why.

Speaking of, if you need a new podcast recommendation, check out Embedded. While not crime-focused, several episodes touch on the subject, including this fascinating one called “The House” about a group of recovering addicts living in  group home in one of the areas of Indiana hit hardest by an unlikely HIV epidemic.

If you’re interested in the criminal justice aspect of true crime stories, check out The Marshall Project, which is constantly offering up well-reported and compelling stories, like this one: Is It Murder if There’s No Homicide?

Pre-Crime is a new documentary making the rounds of the festival circuit and earning comparisons to Spielberg’s Minority Report not just because of the Philip K. Dick allusion in its title, but for its look at the way major cities are dealing with crime that hasn’t yet happened in all kinds of potentially scary ways.

The future is now, I guess? Might as well stay in and watch movies. I’ll see you on Tuesday!

Featured Image: DreamWorks Pictures