Hi there. I have a podcast-heavy Blotter for you today. Fair warning to the podcast-averse. But we’ll get to those.

First, sound The Jinx siren. There’s Durst news. People.com is reporting that the $100 million lawsuit first brought against Durst in 2015 by his first wife’s sisters, has now been amended to include Debrah Charatan, the second (and current) Mrs. Robt. Durst. The suit describes Charatan as “a cold blooded opportunist, [who] conspired and agreed to help Durst conceal his murders of Kathie and Berman in exchange for a substantial financial return of tens of millions of dollars.” So that’s not great.

If you watched The Jinx when it was first broadcast, you—like many true crime enthusiasts—may have also been in deep with the Adnan Syed case (the story covered on the first season of the podcast Serial) at the time. You may have also been listening to episodes of Undisclosed, the podcast hosted, in part, by Syed’s family friend, attorney (and charming Twitter follow) Rabia Chaudry. It was not only a great insider’s look at the Syed case, it was also in-depth legal analysis. Now the Undisclosed team has turned their attention to another worthy case—the death of Freddie Gray.

If you’re already an Undisclosed listener and looking for something new, Uproxx has a few new recommendations I haven’t seen elsewhere.

Still there? I waited until the very end to even bring this up, because I know I’m in the minority because [dropping my voice to a whisper here] I don’t like My Favorite Murder. But so many people do. Is it me? It’s probably me. In the spirit of magnanimity, here’s a great article about it.

Featured Image: HBO