Hi, hello.

First, let me just say that I’ve avoided talking about this so far. It may actually be fine. Good, even! (It’s getting reviewed well) And Netflix knows its way around a story. It’s even alleged to have reinvented the dick joke, but still I don’t think it’s enough to get me to watch the true crime parody American Vandal. What if I don’t want to rethink my stance on true crime, Bustle? What then? That said, maybe you’ll dig it. It began streaming September 15. Just let me know if I’m wrong.

In a much more serious vein, Strong Island, about one man’s search for justice in the murder of his brother, also premiered on Netflix last week. I’ll be watching soon.

And, in what might be considered two good omens and a bad, Dan Lin, the producer of It (good #1) just had a pilot picked up by CBS (bad omen) to remake a BBC series (good #2) called Murder. Each episode is filmed documentary-style, though the stories are entirely fictional.

Prefer your crime on the page? There seems to be a glut of promising new books being released, including:

On the podcast front, the always reliable Reveal takes a closer look at the phenomenon of police violence against black men by examining two Baltimore cases in-depth on an episode called “Running From Cops”.

And I wouldn’t let you go without a few longreads:

Finally, you wanna know what else is a true crime? That MoviePass still hasn’t sent me my membership card. I’ll be back on Tuesday with fewer grudges and more links. See you then.