Hi again!

Earlier this week, I began the first in a two-parter looking at some of the best recent crime-related long reads and upcoming books. If you missed it, you can catch up here. I have much more coming for you today, but I’m kicking things off with a few podcast recommendations.

This week’s Criminal is a must for true crime readers. “The Gatekeeper” tells the story of Marilyn Stasio, who has been writing her review of crime fiction for the New York Times Book Review for decades. Even if you’re not interested in the art and science of reviewing, it’s fascinating to hear another person talk about how and why they read what they read what the read, and the self-imposed rules of any bibliophile. (Marilyn gives each first-time author 50 pages to catch her interest, which is pretty generous.)

Earlier this week, I mentioned a fun episode of the new podcast Spooked, from Snap Judgment. Every episode I’ve listened to so far has been near as good. It’s not crime, but obviously we all like a good scare or we wouldn’t be here.

Now onto stories on the page:

Happy reading! I’ll be back Tuesday.

Featured Image: HBO