Hi again,

I’ve got a little (pre) summer fever right now, and I’m on the lookout for a classic true crime read or re-read to indulge in. Personal favorites? Tweet me recs, please.

In actual true crime entertainment news, the first trailer for Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders has been released. The show is premiering this fall on NBC, and I’m inclined to already be a little skeptical of this one. I don’t know that many people, ’90s babies included, were exactly clamoring for this story to be revisited. On the other hand, Edie Falco.

Last week, The New York Times Style Magazine offered up an appreciation of international crime dramas. Lately, I’ve watched and enjoyed Bletchley Circle (full episodes streaming free on PBS) and Paranoid. Looking forward to finally getting around to Marcella and The Fall—both on Netflix, natch.

If you’re looking for a new podcast, and you don’t mind if things turn a little bit meta, Crime Writers On is a podcast that features, yes, crime writers talking about…true crime podcasts? It works though!

Oh! And I just learned about the podcast Convicted. Will be downloading.

If you’re British (take me with you), The Telegraph has a list of new and classic true crime available to you. Worth a look outside of the U.K., too. I learned of a few I’d never heard of.

Finally, a few things to read to take you through the weekend:

  • I’d never heard of the mass shooter Amy Bishop. Obviously, her gender makes her a rarity, but this New Yorker story from 2013 delves into the tragic past that shaped her.
  • I’ve been following the case against USA Gymnastics and Larry Nassar. If you’re interested, too—and man, does this story need to be heard—Deadspin has a solid overview.
  • Finally, the story of how Lisa Davis made Lisa Davis’s life hell. And how when Lisa Davis finally found Lisa Davis, things weren’t quite as they seemed. It’ll make sense when you read it.

See you next week!

Featured Image: Netflix