Hello! Thanks to everyone who read AE’s first go at some original true crime coverage earlier this week. If you haven’t taken a look, the story of Sarah Fox’s unsolved murder is both confounding and complex, and I hope worth a few minutes of your time. I’ll be back Tuesday with something new.

In the meantime, I have plenty of links to true crime across page, pod, and screen(s) to hold you till then:




  • Later this week on AE, I’ll be offering my take on Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press, which is now streaming on Netflix. It’s good and you should watch it. I promise I’ll still write a real review.
  • Aside from that, crime on film is a tad quiet right now, so you might as well revisit a classic. Bustle has a list of Oscar-nominated true crime movies if you need some ideas.



That’s it! Happy 4th for those in the States! (for those elsewhere, we’re so sorry for everything lately, send help if possible) See you Tuesday!


Featured Image: Akil the Fugitive Hunter, A&E