Welcome back to a new week in true crime entertainment—and a busy one.

Erin Lee Carr’s Mommy Dead and Dearest premiered last night on HBO. Look for a review here this week. In the meantime,  I suppose one from the New York Times will be…fine.

Nest week you’ve got your Twin Peaks reboot coming back. If you’re a Lynch fan, visit the site often this week, we have a lot waiting for you. To complement your Lynchian pregaming, take a look at the case that may have inspired the whole Laura Palmer story.

The Oxygen network is going hard on true crime and just announced a boatload of upcoming programs, some of which will of course feature Ice-T (remember how good Body Count was, though?).

Look for new shows covering both the Jessica Chambers and Maura Murray cases. As a side note, have you read James Renner’s book on his fixation with the case? If not, it’s called True Crime Addict: How I Lost Myself in the Mysterious Disappearance of Maura Murray. I recommend it with some reservations. The author often made me feel uncomfortable with the lengths he went in his investigation, but of course the word “addict” is right there in the title, so that’s on me. I’d check the library.

Heads up that Netflix’s newest multi-part, true crime series, The Keepers, premieres (in the U.S.) this Friday. The story takes place in Baltimore and the local paper seems to like it, so that’s promising.

Finally, a fast-paced and exciting new true crime longread for you from GQ, The Accidental Get Away Driver.

See you Thursday!

Featured Image: ABC