As Josh Trank just left the mysterious Star Wars anthology film set for release in 2018, The Wrap confirmed Trank’s movie would focus on Boba Fett (just like Sean predicted!).

Boba Fett is cool because of his design and how he stands around a lot before being killed off for laughs (a gag which I love, by the way). He caught Han Solo but really it was Darth Vader and the Empire.

I snark but only because I don’t have much adoration for the character like so many fans do. I can’t blame them. His costume is so fucking cool. Jeremy Bulloch’s voice in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi is pure menace. His voice got changed post-Star Wars prequels, sadly.

While Rogue One will be a group of soldiers going after the plans for the Death Star, this second anthology film will use Boba Fett to explore the darker side of the galaxy with bounty hunters and hives filled with scum and villainy.

I may not be a fan of this character but I’m a firm believer that any good writer can make the shallowest character resonate with depth. Here’s to hoping they can grab a director up to that challenge.