A few days ago, YouTube user Pop Culture Detective broke down a common convention in Science Fiction movies. Pointing to famous examples in Tron: Legacy and The Fifth Element, the video explains the problematic phenomena in which a female character is given a new consciousness, either by conjured awakening, operating system programming, or some other narrative twist. This twist always places an infantile mind (perhaps with a sacred wisdom, but still naive) in the body of a grown, highy-sexualized woman. Frequently, this character ends up as the romantic interest of the film’s male hero.

The problems created by this narrative set-up should be obvious, but are most often overlooked by the texts that use it.

You can see the video below to enjoy Pop Culture Detective’s breakdown of this troublesome trope and, if you enjoy what you see, you can support the channel’s Patreon to help ensure more high quality content.

Featured Image: Columbia Pictures