Weekend Box Office

Tom Cruise remained king of the Box Office, as Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation took in $28.5 million in its second weekend. It’s doing really well for a late summer blockbuster, grossing a domestic total of $107.76 million so far, and has the chance to become the series’ biggest hit, which confirms this series’ and Tom Cruise’s A-list status.

Mission: Impossible lit the fuse to Fantastic Fours bomb. The comic book film opened in second place, bringing in a very disappointing $25.69 million. Fox’s third attempt at a Fantastic Four movie failed miserably both critically and financially. Whether the cause for the film’s failure was in its reception, the poor marketing campaign leading up to its release, the behind-the-scenes turmoil, or all of the former causes put together, Fox will definitely be shelving this property for the foreseeable future.

Also opening this weekend, Joel Edgerton’s The Gift managed to land in third place with $11.85 million. The small but vocal word of mouth seemingly helped this film attain that much, which is impressive for a smaller budget mystery-thriller.

Rounding out the top five are Vacation, which grossed $8.96 million, and Ant-Man, which grossed $7.91 million. And outside of the top five, Meryl Streep’s Ricki and the Flash opened to $6.61 million while the Shaun the Sheep Movie opened to $4.04 million.

Worldwide Numbers

Fantastic Four wasn’t so hot overseas either, grossing $34.05 million in 43 territories over the weekend. Since its release mid-last week, the film has grossed a worldwide total of $59.74 million.

In light of that, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation remained the champion of the overseas Box Office, taking in an additional $65.5 million, which brings its worldwide total to $264.46 million.

The film I just want to stop typing about yet still manages to come back every Box Office Roundup, Minions surpassed Despicable Me 2’s overseas total ($607.5 million) this past weekend. Grossing $19.5 million from 49 territories over the weekend, the film’s overseas total is currently $611.1 million, with a worldwide total of $913.9 million. Keep checking back over the next few weeks to see if I’m right in predicting that it’ll join the $1 billion dollar club shortly.

Jurassic World opened in Japan with $12.8 million, which brings it overseas gross this weekend to $15.1 million. Overall, the colossal hit has grossed$1.581 billion dollars worldwide.

Prediction Time

It’s Spy vs. Spy in this upcoming weekend’s box office battle.

1.) The Man from U.N.C.L.E
2.) Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation
3.) Straight Outta Compton
4.) Fantastic Four
5.) The Gift

Featured Image: 20th Century Fox

Source: Box Office Mojo