Weekend Box Office

It was a big weekend for movies at the Box Office with two colossal hits.

Jurassic World remained king of the Box Office this past weekend, bringing in a total of $106.59 million, which raised its total domestic gross to $402.8 million, thus making it the highest grossing Jurassic Park movie yet. Also, it topped The Avengers once again, as it now has the biggest second weekend performance.

Inside Out came in at a close second, with a very strong $90.44 million opening weekend. Although this is the first time a Pixar movie has ever opened in second place, Inside Out is Pixar’s biggest opening weekend for a non-sequel (a title previously held by The Incredibles) and is also the animation studio’s second biggest opening weekend ever, behind Toy Story 3’s $110.3 million weekend in 2010. The film also beat out Avatar‘s $77 million opener, thus taking on the mantle of biggest opening weekend for any non-sequel/original property.

Melissa McCarthy’s action/comedy Spy came in third-place, with $11.23 million. The film’s total domestic gross is currently set at $75 million, which is low compared to where The Heat and Identity Thief were at this point in their respective theatric runs, which probably has something to do with the film not having the leg-room of the pre-Summer movie season (or Sandra Bullock to back Melissa McCarthy up).

The Rock and his earthquake film San Andreas took a further, small dip after to last week’s marked decline. The film brought in $8.71 million, and its current domestic total is set at $132.7 million.

Coming in fifth-place is Dope, with $6.10 million, just a little under early projections for the Sundance hit. Hopefully, the strong word-of-mouth and critical reviews will be able to give this indie comedy the push forward it deserves.

Overseas Numbers

It truly is a Jurassic World, as people around the globe go out to see Jurassic World in what appears to be repeated viewings. The film took in $160.5 million from 66 territories this past weekend, bringing its worldwide total to $987.2 million. It has now passed Jurassic Park’s worldwide total of $983.8 million, and it will undoubtedly join the one-billion-dollar-club soon, making it the 22nd film ever to do so, and in the shortest amount of time than ever before.

My Inside Out character would have to be Sadness right now, as the new Pixar feature has not yet been released in my country, but the film is making bank in all of the 37 overseas territories in which it has opened. It made $41 million overseas this weekend, bringing its total worldwide to $131 million.

In addition, the animated feature Minions opened in some overseas territories, grossing $12.3 million, opening in the number one spot in Indonesia (the biggest opening for an animated film there), Malaysia, and Singapore, with numbers higher than those seen by 2013’s Despicable Me 2. The new Dreamworks Animation feature also opened in second-place in Australia, just behind Jurassic World. And if overseas numbers serve as any sign or indication, we may have another big 2015 hit on our hands domestically.

Breaking Records

Jurassic World beat a lot of records previously set by The Avengers back in 2012, including Total 3, 4, 5, and 10-day gross records, in addition to being the fastest feature release to do so.

Speaking of The Avengers, the last time we reported on its sequel, Avengers: Age of Ultron was the seventh highest grossing movie of all time. Now, the film is currently the sixth highest grossing movie of all time, under the earlier released Furious 7, and above Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.

Prediction Time

Next week looks like a downer at the box office, with only Ted 2 and Max opening, so no doubt Jurassic World and Inside Out will remain on top. The only question is which one will edge out the other.

1.) Jurassic World
2.) Inside Out
3.) Ted 2
4.) Max
5.) Spy