Overview:  Mandy Lane (Amber Heard) is that girl that resides in every high school that all the boys want and all the girls want to be.  Mandy is flawless,  beautiful, athletic, smart and oh yeah… a virgin. She’s also the apparent object of affection for some maniac killer.  RADiUS-TWC; 2006; Rated R; 90 Minutes.

Standard Teen Slaughter Stuff:  As junior year draws to an end, a group of high schoolers invite Mandy to a weekend long party on All the Boys Love Mandy Lanean isolated ranch. The guys call dibs and take bets on who will nail miss Lane. The girls (minus virginal Mandy) spend time discussing which guy they will be sleeping with. As the festivities rage on into the night there seems to be someone sneaking around outside. Horror fans should not be surprised when the bodies start piling up one by one.

Creative Decisions:  With All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, Director Jonathan Levine delivers a solid slasher film. He doesn’t go for shocking scares. Instead the killer comes right up to you with a shotgun. Levine also doesn’t ride the whodunnit (or rather whodoingit) element too long, as the killer is revealed surprisingly early on.  The gore is great, the kills are simple and gritty (the first is by far the best and the most creative of all the deaths). I also loved the light flashes and spots of slow motion during the struggles.

The Lure of the Unattainable:  Despite it being made in 2006 and immediately available in most countries, Mandy’s virtue went untouched by an American audience for seven years. It proves well worth the wait.   Mandy Lane is one of the few newer films that do the slasher genre justice. With all the buzz surrounding a strict genre exercise and the anticipation build through inaccessibility, it would have been easy to be let down.  But, I can honestly say I am one of those boys that loves Mandy Lane.

Grade: A –