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Sean W. Fallon on Behalf of Captain America

Steve Rogers is a hero before he ever puts on the Captain America suit. He’s a hero before he gets dosed with super soldier serum. Rogers is the only hero who is a pure hero through and through. He is not a gun maker who learns the error of his ways, a scientist making bombs who gets irradiated, a thief who stumbles upon a shrinking suit, an assassin trying to make things right, or a petulant God who learns about humility from earthlings. He is a born hero.

This should make him a weak character. We like our heroes to face adversity to become true heroes. A pre-packaged hero is no good. Except that when we meet Rogers he’s a scrawny five foot nothing chock full of guts and heart who wants to get to the fighting in Europe, not to kill people, but because he ‘just hates bullies.’

Captain America should be a cheesy, laughable character, but because he’s so earnest and so awesome and so charming, you can’t help but root for the big old Boy Scout. He is the ideal. Deep down we all wish we were good people at heart without all the stuff that drags us back. That is why Cap is the best hero of the Avengers and why the pair of Avengers movies almost sub-consciously become Captain America movies before our eyes as he assumes the lead role.

Cap also has the prestige of so far going two-for-two with great movies in his own series, and his second MCU movie is arguably the best the studio has so far produced. The producers are lucky in that they can mess with genres more readily with Cap where Iron Man and Thor are more locked into Sci-Fi and Fantasy stories. With Cap we first see him in a bona fide war film full of pomp and bombast. Then with Winter Soldier, the wise decision was made to darken the tone and move away from the USA A-Ok tone of First Avenger for something that reflects modern, more secretive warfare leading to a ’70s style spy thriller vastly removed from First Avenger but with the same quality lead character.

And finally, without the Captain America movies we would not have been introduced to the MVP of the MCU: Agent Peggy Carter, the only woman in Cap’s heart and frankly, the only woman good enough for him.

So I ask you, readers: Who is your hero?

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