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The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst, (1 of 2)

Lately, the retelling of true crime is rising rapidly in popularity within the entertainment sphere, largely thanks to Serial, which spread like wildfire through the internet sphere. HBO’s newest documentary miniseries, The Jinx, is perfectly primed to use this platform to reach viewers who need their next dose of mystery, and the story of Robert Durst and the loud of speculation and questions that surround him is ripe for the picking. The suspicious deaths that follow Durst span over thirty years, each one more grisly and violent than the next. Three chapters in, we’ve arrived the midway point in the series, so...

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Three Black Mirror Episodes to Get You Started

Until recently, the critically lauded speculative fiction TV series Black Mirror has not been readily available to most American viewers (although the British were already aware of its merits, as our Sean Fallon can tell you). Since the series’s release on Netflix, however, it has drawn increased attention from American critics and Netflix subscribers alike. Because there is nothing like it on television here, and because this show needles at some of our most fundamental anxieties as members of the 21st century and the digital age, I’m doing my part to add to the hype. If there’s one “shocking”...

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The Small Screen Growing: Is TV Catching Up With Film?

Sometimes, pairs of things that seem comparable are not.  The Harlem Globetrotters didn’t seem so astounding the year that the ’92 Dream Team was showcasing true basketball excellence.  You wouldn’t bother going to Q’doba if there was a Chipotle on the same block.  And, in a situation of emergency need, you’ll never see a cop confiscate a bicycle. Similarly, the comparison between television and cinema has never been one that required much debate.  While TV has certainly had its examples of narrative achievement (The Sopranos, The Wire), loyalty (The Simpsons), and massive audience (M*A*S*H), its model has never given...

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