Charlize Theron has been making quite the name for herself as an action star. Her streak continues with the spy thriller Atomic Blonde, based on the 2012 graphic novel by Anthony Johnston, and directed by John Wick and the upcoming Deadpool 2‘s David Leitch.

This looks slick as hell, and may end up being one of the year’s surprise hits, especially if people latch onto it the way they took to John Wick.  Not only is it great to see another badass female action hero, but Theron’s character also appears to be bisexual which is an awesome move for representation and a unique angle we rarely see explored in genre films. As if the greatness of Theron wasn’t already enough, the supporting cast of James McAvoy, John Goodman, Eddie Marsan, Toby Jones, and Sofia Boutella also has us plenty excited. Expect us to be there opening night!

Atomic Blonde shoots her way into theaters on July 28th, after it’s SXSW premiere later this March.

Featured Image: Focus Features