So, I requested that everyone anonymously confess their most shameful secrets about cinema— those opinions that are so unpopular that it’s intimidating to think of confessing them to the oft contentious internet film culture.  The results were… fun.  And hopefully enough to convince you not to worry about your own unpopular opinion in the future.  If you’re not comfortable confessing it on Honesty Day, then when will you ever confess it? I’ve included mine in the anonymous collection.  Thanks to everyone for participating!  I love you all, even those whose opinions are wrong…

Walrus  Yes

I’ve always loved Kevin Smith. Ever since I first saw Mallrats during my sophomore year of high school, I have been gripped by an undying passion for Smith’s crude blend of cultural irreverence and apathetic sincerity. While his particualr oeuvre and eye as a director of cinema has always been lacking, the enjoyment of indulging in guilty pleasures and lascivious misconduct with Jay and Silent Bob has long been a past time that I continue to frequently indulge in. While others have bemoaned the announcements of further sequels within the View Askewniverse, I have remained clandestinely overjoyed, eager to find out what Dante and Randal have been up to in the intervening fourteen years since I last saw them working the registers of Quik Stop Groceries and RST Video, and I can’t wait to wax lethargic once more about mid-mall eateries with Brodie at Eden Prairie Center.

That’s Just Like… A Fair Opinion, Man

I don’t find The Big Lebowski funny.

Ever Heard of Plato? Aristotle?  Socrates?  Rob Reiner?

 I really dislike The Princess Bride.

Of All the Weeks for THIS Confession

I thought The Avengers was boring; it’s the only movie I’ve ever thought about walking out on

No Shame Here

Clueless is one of the greatest movies of all time.  I don’t care what anyone says.

More Like Bore-Sese

I hate Martin Scorsese.  I mean come on, he is 3 for 64

What Is the Deal  With Citizen Kane?

While I do appreciate some aspects of Citizen Kane, I’ll never understand why it’s as lauded as it is.

Would Rather Save Silverman than Private Ryan

1. I fell asleep during Saving Pvt Ryan and have never seen the whole thing 2. I have seen Saving Silverman at least 20x

This Logic is Tough to Argue

I love Rock of Ages. Who doesn’t love Tom Cruise in a dragon codpiece?!

The Rare Sequel Improvement?

I think Return to Oz is World’s Better than The Wizard of Oz

Take That Haters

Admission: I really enjoyed both American Hustle and The Monuments Men.

‘Nother Cow

I unabashedly love Twister! It’s fun, damn it! Plus, Paxton, Elwes, and Philip Seymour Hoffman being awesome. It’s underrated!

A Poltergeist Hoax

I claim to be a horror fanatic and I always pretend to like the original Poltergeist so no one questions my horror status.  I actually think it’s a forgettable mess with an inexplicable reputation.

I Mean, How Many Floors Are There

The Raid was so alienating to me initially, even I was confused by my reaction and chalked it up to cultural dissonance. Then it hit me: there was absolutely no script and the film’s true plot kicks in far too late to matter. The action was ok but I’ve seen better. Nice score but this was not a good to great film. Just ok

Even Kickboxer 4

Embarrassed to say I love Albert Pyun movies.

Know What’s Cooler Than a Million Dollars?  An Oscar…

I cheered for The King’s Speech to beat The Social Network. Still think I’m right…


I love the twilight movies! Hope that helps #teamedward

Take THAT, Lucasfilm

I’ve never seen the original 3 Star Wars movies, nor any of the Indiana Jones movies (except for the Crystal Skull).

Top Shelf

here’s my shame list of movies I actually own: Deep Blue Sea Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2 Tank Girl Troy

A Two Parter

1. I really like Rat Race.
2. In what I would consider the nadir of my post-pubescent self-discovery period, I watched The Wedding Singer on cable (complete with commercial breaks) twice–back to back. So, that was between 4 and 6 hours of The Wedding Singer.

Life Is Beautiful, But The Movie is Crap

A beloved film I despise: LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL (La vita è bella) (, an insult to Holocaust victims and survivors. Benigni’s schtick is nauseating. Three Oscars and a slew of other awards, 80% on Rotten Tomatoes, and f**kin’ #28 on IMDB’s Top 250 right now. Ugh, ick, ptui

When You Know It’s Love

Here’s one from my husband. He adores the movie Selena. He will watch it every time he finds it on television. Every time.

Visual Aid

CineSecret GOTG

A Future Double Feature

I’ve never seen The Godfather or Citizen Kane

Bulk Confession

I have never seen Casablanca, The Godfather Part II, Lawrence of Arabia, On the Waterfront, or Schindler’s List

This Might Be The One

I’ve never seen any Matrix movie but often reference the series.  Same with the Godfather series.

And Another One:  Has Anyone Really Seen Both  Godfathers?

I’ve never seen The Godfather Part II. People ask me if I prefer Part I or Part II and I always say Part I, but only because that’s the one I’ve seen.

This Was Probably PTA

I’ve never seen Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo.
I firmly believe There Will Be Blood is the greatest film ever made.
Hope I was of help! And remember: don’t tell anyone.
See!  Doesn’t everyone feel better. Now, hit that new National Anthem, Josh Rosenfield.