Last year, we celebrated Honesty Day by offering our readers a safe space into which they could confess their cinesecrets– those opinions or facts which are increasingly less welcomed by the harsher realms of online film conversation.

Well, with the standard film fan bitterness winning a few more inches over the last 365 days, we may need that space this year more than last.

We’ll collect as many responses as we can on a single post on Saturday, April 30th, so that we can come to terms with the fact that everyone has some CineSecrets, and yours are nothing to be ashamed of!

Let’s make it an annual event. Same deal: We promise to actually keep you anonymous. We just want you to share your Cinesecrets. You can read last year’s here for proof.  Is there a classic film that you pretend to have seen? Do you dislike a beloved classic? Do you adore a universally panned movie? Is there an unpopular director whose body of work you love? Is there an applauded director who makes you want to boo, deep inside your belly? Are you sick of some fan favorite star or starlet? Let us know!

Here are the ways in which you can share:

1.)  Send us a private message. We’re opening our Twitter DMs to EVERYONE! We promise we will only share your confession, not your Twitter name.
2.)  Send us an email: (Again, we’ll only share the content of the message, not your email address).
3.)  Use our wholly anonymous Suggestion Ox!  Click here to leave your anonymous confession.