Overview: One year following his father’s death, William finds himself in Copenhagen and encounters a lively juvenile, Effy, who guides him through his family’s secrets, his own, and hers. Fidelio Films, 2014, Rated NR, 98 minutes.

All of my assumptions, were wrong: I have never been so pleasantly misled by a movie trailer. Usually, I can gain a sense of what a film’s plot and anticipate the upcoming turns down the road. Mark Raso leaves traditional convention behind and does not bother with subtle hints to foreshadow, instead events happen in a shocking fashion so they can be felt. Here are my assumptions, and you will have to watch the movie yourself to find out how they are no longer valid.

  • A man with Peter Pan syndrome causes mischief in the streets of Copenhagen
  • Grandfather and grandson reunite to form an unbreakable bond
  • An American man’s tale of his overseas sexual conquests

No Elaborate Camera Tricks: Raso does not use complicated angles, does not integrate zoom sequences haphazardly, and he does not perfectly frame each scene. His strength is his focus, balancing what William and Effy see with what is intended to be seen. This view is unprocessed, void of artificially preserving every single moment. That is what makes it realistic, we are unable to capture each detail, only snippets, a snapshot. Raso’s style alters what you think you should be focusing on in a perturbing, but stunning fashion.

William and Effy:


William and Effy are prime examples of two different demographics: the uncertain adults (those approaching their 30’s) and the resilient youth (teenagers). William, Gethin Anthony, is as relatable as they come; lacking maturity and stability. With the numerous unprecedented events, William’s progression throughout the film is where I had the most doubts. Anthony, most recognized in his role in Game of Thrones, delivered in his mannerisms to his emotions. There isn’t a precision in his delivery, but he does display the same unfiltered realism Raso achieved. Effy, Frederikke Dahl Hansen, represents the resilient and resourceful youth we fail to recognize. “Wisdom comes with age.” Not in this case. Often blanketed by clichéd characteristics, Effy is adventurous, perceptive, and self-reliant. All the things you hope to be when approaching your thirties.

Final Thoughts: “Vi to Er Smeltet Sammen” will have more meaning than you can imagine. Watch the film. Listen to the song, do nothing else, until the end of the credits. Then translate those words. It has changed me in the best way possible.

Grade: A