Guillermo Del Toro’s blend of practical designs and CGI gives all his movies a sense of other worldliness. Nothing has been able to match the power of that blending since Pan’s Labyrinth but he’s continually created movies worth revisiting if just for the design choices (there’s like emotion and stuff too but also monsters and stuff).

All of Del Toro’s talents are on full display in not one, but two Crimson Peak trailers for the pleasure of our eyeballs. And these are great trailers. I find myself mixed because I’m not shuddering with fear but there’s terrific atmosphere to these. The designs are glamorous and gothic. Every scene is so palpable you can almost taste the moldy walls of the house (brb going to brush my teeth now). There’s just nothing that unsettles me or cuts me to my core.

Okay, that scene with the hand crawling over the little girl is pretty fucking terrifying. I stand by the non-scary sentiment for the rest of the trailer.

Tom Hiddleston is still mad about being cut from Avengers: Age of Ultron so he’s attempting to woo Mia Wasikowska after she proved how good of an actress she was in Stoker. Jessica Chastain is tired of being a good person in movies so now she’s going to play with witchcraft of some kind. And finally Charlie Hunnam is free from the dudebro writing of Sons of Anarchy and he’ll play a handsome guy in a suit instead of over-sized sweaters and pants.

Crimson Peak will look even better on the big screen this October.