Daredevil’s stellar first season helped redefine the MCU and pushed the limits of adult content, and now Season 2 looks to be a step further in that direction. The introduction of Frank Castle aka the Punisher, played by The Walking Dead’s Jon Bernthal, will provide Matt Murdock with a new set of challenges that force him to question his responsibility as a violent vigilante. “Y’know you’re one bad day away from becoming me” Castle intones, and there’s a chance he’s right.

The Punisher has never been a personal favorite, and despite his cult fandom, he’s always seemed like a poor choice for a “hero” in a world that’s become increasingly plagued by gun violence. But when he’s treated as a villain and counterpoint to Daredevil, as he’s been used in the comics in numerous occasions, then he allows for some fascinating character studies. Bernthal, looks to add his own unhinged character tics to Castle, and the interpretation couldn’t feel more perfect. By positioning the Punisher as a villain instead of a superhero or anti-hero, Daredevil has a chance to become increasingly topical, and continue to define Marvel’s Netflix shows as psychological case-studies on America’s ever changing definition of law and order.


After giving us our first look at Matt’s infamous ex, Elektra, the trailer promises a second trailer will drop on February 25th.

Daredevil Season 2 will be released on Netflix on March 18th.

Featured Image: Netflix