I’ve already said plenty about my love for S. Craig Zahler’s breakout 2015 Bone Tomahawk, both in my review of the film and in my multiple discussions about the film in my graded assessment of 2015’s film class. I have also been rather open about my admiration of the fellas over at No, Totally! (hence my record-setting number of appearances on the show). And of course, anyone paying attention knows that I’m a really big fan of myself.

So good news for me! All three of those things come together quite excellently on the latest episode of the No, Totally! podcast.

Head over to the No, Totally! website to have a listen as Shaun, Brian, and me discuss the impressive genre mixing film. And while you’re there, considering subscribing, or giving a rating, or tossing a little change into their Patreon pocket.



Featured Image: RLJ Entertainment