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David Shreve, Jr, Founder and Editor-in-Chief

“I don’t trust your taste in movies.  You like dumb movies that you have to read.”—Mandi, sister, Suggested The Number 23

“You’re putting Wayne’s World in The Greats section, right?  You have to mention me every time you write about Emma Roberts!”  – Girlfriend/Muse.

“David convinced me he knew movies with his love for The Life Aquatic.  IDK why he’s creating this site though.  He likes books better.” – Sylvia Dao, Best Friend, sort of.

“As a child, David had a big imagination and a cute sense of humor. He had a love of reading at a very young age. He has brought so much joy into our lives. We are proud to say that David is our son! -David & Roberta, Heroes (Thanks Dad, Thanks Mom)

“God, I get sick of hearing you talk about movies.  You just think about it too much.  District 9?!  You like that?! Dude, the aliens eat cat food!”-Clint, Friend/Cousin, Not Much of  a Movie Guy

“This sight is lejit!”  Matt, Good Friend, Bad Speller.

“Hm, the writing seems a little heavy on the thesaurus.”  – Ben “The Body” Smith, Friend.


Ian.— Ian Wayne, Nephew and All Around Cool Guy.

I’ve talked about myself enough on all the other parts of this site.  So I let all the people who are important to me chime in for my biography.

If you want to talk movies  or if you know of any quiet D.C. watering holes: David.Shreve@audienceseverywhere.net

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