We finally have our first look at the footage moved fans to their feet at Comic-Con International. While Fox has come under fire time and time again for the drastic and unnecessary changes made to their X-Men and Fantastic Four properties, Deadpool looks extremely accurate to the comics, right down animated facial expressions. And if you had any doubt about Fox or Ryan Reynolds’ commitment to the property, Reynolds showed up in a Conan sketch in full costume and character to introduce the Deadpool trailer. So even if you’re not entirely convinced by the trailer, that kind of commitment deserves to be rewarded.

Deadpool centers on Wade Wilson, a Special Forces operative diagnosed with cancer who undergoes an experimental procedure that gives him a healing factor but leaves him scarred and a crazy, to say the least. With the help of a couple mutants and an uncanny cast of supporting characters, Wilson becomes Deadpool and hunts down those responsible for ruining his life. You can find out everything else you need to know about the character, the comics, and the film’s production history here.

The red-band trailer shows off plenty of Deadpool’s trademark wit, though I think some of the effects still look a little wonky and cheap, especially considering director Tim Miller’s special effects background (I’m a stickler about CGI blood.) Still there’s plenty of time to fix all of that before the release and for a first trailer it gives fans a lot of anticipate.

And here’s the green-band trailer that will appear in theaters this weekend:

We’ll finally see of cult fandom can translate into box office bucks when Deadpool arrives in theatres on February 12th!

Featured Image: 20th Century Fox