In celebration of Audiences Everywhere’s forthcoming one year anniversary, Shaun and Brian of the No, Totally! podcast have graciously extended an invitation to host four of our writers as guests in separate episodes. If you are fans of what we do here at Audiences Everywhere, you’ll love what these guys (and frequently, some very interesting guests) do with their podcast. Be sure to follow them on social media and listen to their backlog of episodes. Next up for AE on the show, Diego Crespo:

One of the great things about discussing film is the varying reactions to a cinematic experience. I was lucky enough to guest on episode 50 of the No, Totally! podcast, as I continue my endless praise for Attack the Block, criticism of The Amazing Spider-Man, and even touch on Inception for a little bit. We talk about what makes a hero and whether or not the turn in Block works (it totally does). We also address the big question on everyone’s mind: Are Han Solo and Lando Calrissian just hoodlums? It’s a pretty packed episode, so brings snacks.