Featuring Divergent


Divergent was released on DVD/Blu-Ray August 5, 2014 and you know what that means! Fire up the oven and put on your apron; can’t very well face a dystopian future on an empty stomach, now can we?

The movie gives us a little insight into what the different factions might eat, and the books give us a bit more. Don’t worry, I won’t subject you to the gray tasteless things they seem to suffer through in Abnegation, but it won’t be all burgers and birthday cake like over in Dauntless. Just like you’ll discover in the future installments of this franchise (sort-of-spoiler alert!), it’s best to be balanced, or, dare I say, Divergent. Here’s a Divergent-themed menu to tempt your taste-buds, no matter your faction. For the Dauntless among you, just remember to wait at least 30 minutes after eating before zip-lining.

A Menu for Every Faction


Brainy Erudite have probably developed a serum to make food unnecessary, freeing up more time for them to… I don’t know what they do for fun, Sodoku maybe? Erudite’s color is blue, so try this blue curacao cocktail with pineapple juice and rum to get your evening started. Plus, everybody seems smarter when they’re a little drunk, right?



There’s a lot of plain food in Abnegation, but there’s no honor to be had in suffering needlessly. I’ll take a leaf from the stiffs’ book and suggest some classic mashed potatoes, but this recipe adds some flavor with roasted garlic.



The Dauntless are fearless in life and in food, and if they didn’t tend to die young from their risky activities, they would surely all develop heart disease or diabetes from the rich foods they seem to prefer. Still, I think it’s important to experience the magic of a truly good burger, just like Tris does when she arrives in the Dauntless compound.



Everybody loves Amity – they’re the friendly farmers of dystopia, supplying the rest of the factions with all foodstuffs. I think they probably eat the best in Amity, with all that fresh produce, and this summery tomato-peach salad would fit right in on an Amity table.


Candorfactions - Version 5

Candor tell it like it is, whether you like it or not. For them, the world is black and white, just like these no-bake brownie balls. They are honestly delicious.




The Factionless get the raw end of this deal. They do the jobs nobody else wants to do, if they are employed at all. They are the hobos of the Divergent world. Not that they have much food to speak of, but if they did, I can imagine that compost cookies would be right up their alley, what with the availability of the ingredients.


Who knew dystopia could be so delicious?