We have our first Doctor Strange trailer courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live! Directed by Scott Derrickson, Doctor Strange tells the story of an arrogant surgeon who suffers an injury that leads him to seek out the healing power of the mystic arts and become the world’s Sorcerer Supreme.

This looks like it may be Marvel’s most visually arresting film so far with stylistic images borrowed from kaleidoscopes and Christopher Nolan’s Inception. At least in terms of what we’ve seen at this point, Marvel doesn’t seem to be marketing this as a superhero film (we don’t even get a glimpse of Strange in his signature outfit.) It’s been some time since we’ve gotten a truly unique origin story from a superhero film, and Doctor Strange may prove there are origins still worth telling. It’s also worth noting that these seems to be a little more on the serious side than recent Marvel films, with the signature logo even turning black before we get to the footage. While there’s sure to be humor abound, Marvel may be looking to diversify their tone just a bit more

Other interesting points:

There’s plenty of Tilda Swinton’s Ancient One, who teaches Strange the power of mystic arts. In the comics, the ancient one is a wizened Asian man. There was a bit of controversy surrounding the casting of Swinton, and it’s an odd decision that they are still depicting her as Buddhist monk, stylistically speaking.

We get a few glimpses of Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Karl Mordo and Mads Mikkelsen’s yet to be revealed Big Bad. There’s also a brief glimpse of Rachel McAdams’ unnamed character who we hope plays more of a role than a romantic interest.

This was a true teaser trailer, offering just enough to pique our interests but not enough to fully bring on-board those unfamiliar with Strange’s comic history. At this point we’re intrigued and excited to see more!

Here’s the first official poster:

Doctor Strange Poster

Doctor Strange will cast his way into theaters on November 4th, 2016!

Featured Image: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures