News Roundup

Thanks to crazy, random happenstances we’ll be recapping the biggest stories of the last two weeks in this roundup. That means not one but two trailers of the week!

  • Shane Black has much to say about his upcoming Predator reboot (Collider)
  • Bong Joon Ho gets started on his upcoming monster movie (IndieWire)
  • Ghost in the Shell producers tried to make white actors “appear Asian” (Screencrush)
  • Sigourney Weaver seems certain Alien 5 will happen (IndieWire)
  • The Rock officially joins the Jumanji remake (Instagram)
  • Vince Vaughn will star in the director of Bone Tomahawk’s next picture (THR)
  • Channing Tatum and Pedro Pascal join Kingsman: The Golden Circle (Twitter and Independent)
  • Jackie Earle Haley joins The Dark Tower (Deadline)
  • Jason Statham will fight a Megaladon in Meg (THR)
  • Michael Keaton will not be in Spider-Man: Homecoming but rumors have begun spreading about Jeff Goldblum possibly joining a superhero franchise soon (Youtube)
  • Michael Keaton will however be starring in The Founder (Youtube)
  • Robert Downey Jr. will officially pop up in Spider-Man: Homecoming (THR)
  • Emilia Clarke makes the best decision of her career by freeing herself from Terminator (ComingSoon)
  • Somebody thought it was a good idea to try and adapt Three’s Company into a movie (Youtube)
  • Kevin Smith is trying to appeal to the MPAA to knock down his R rated comedy to a PG-13 rating due to a cartoon drawing of blue testicles. (Instagram)
  • Noah Segan aka Rian Johnson’s lucky charm joins Star Wars 8 in an unspecified role (really, nobody knows – BMD)
  • The Green Goblin joins The Justice League (THR)
  • Elizabeth Banks shows off her first look as Rita Repulsa because white washing (People)
  • Jon Chu will return as the director of Now You See Me 3 which will continue to miss fantastic pun opportunities (variety)
  • James Cameron will have four Avatar sequels and is smart enough to not go up against Star Wars (FamousMonsters)
  • Jurassic World sequel will be directed by Orphanage director J.A. Bayona (THR)
  • Doctor Strange had its world premiere trailer (AE)
  • The Magnificent Seven looks magnificent and The Girl on the Train looks like Gone Girl (AE)
  • Independence Day 2 looks like a blast from the past (AE)
  • Equals has Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult falling in love in a world without emotion (Youtube)
  • BioShock director will helm an interactive Twilight Zone movie (Wired)
  • Get a first glimpse of Pete’s Dragon here (EW)
  • Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart are reunited in Woody Allen’s new film Café Society (Youtube)
  • Jason Bourne David Webb is back in the new badass but incomprehensible trailer for Jason Bourne (Youtube)
  • Bryan Cranston continues to pop up in everything post-Breaking Bad in the trailer for The Infiltrator (Youtube)
  • Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates gets a raunchy red band trailer that tries very hard to make sure you know it’s red band (Youtube)




The Neon Demon already had a pretty solid trailer implying more neon Refn goodness but the recent UK teaser trailer drops a golden electronic beat that is almost certainly a Cliff Martinez jam. Let the hype train commence.


This next trailer is different. It’s more important. It’s for Birth of a Nation. If that title seems familiar it’s because it has to do with the infamous racist film from the early 1900s. Director, writer, and actor Nate Parker sought to take the name and turn it into a more positive title for black people in America. He wants this new title to confront the racism head on. I cannot wait for this movie.



Featured Image: Amazon Studios