Overview: A man wakes up on a pile of dead bodies with no memory. After escaping, he breaks into a house where he meets others in the same situation. Atlas Independent; Rated R; 102 min.

Knowing: Director Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego (Apollo 18…ha) clearly did not realize the potential of the script in front of him. The story unfolds in similar fashion to the Resident Evil series (the groundbreaking videogame, not the terrible movies), a favorite of mine. But, largely, Lopez-Open GraveGallego and crew simply missed the mark here – not only in the naming of the film but the focus.  More seasoned hands may have provided a more intriguing narrative direction.  Gallego offers a flatline.

Ability: The acting falters outside of Sharlto Copley and a few random instances from the supporting crew. Copley lends a steady hand to the film’s main character, whose name I’m purposefully omitting because of the potential for confusion and its narrative importance. Copley’s violent outbursts and manic expressions sell the desperation of the character.  Really, it’s Copley’s performance that carries the film over the line of… mediocrity.

In all: This film has some beautiful horror elements and offers a story that had me reminiscing. Outside of that, the acting is sub-par except for Copley and there are a few very boring stretches that make it difficult for the movie to maintain a mounting level of suspense. There isn’t much I can openly measure without giving away the boring twists (which are still twists, so fair is fair).  I guess, check this film out if you are a fan of survival horror games and can push away all the bullshit for an okay reveal. If you’re only mildly intrigued, maybe skip on this one and read the synopsis on wikipedia.

Grade: C-