The wait is over! We’ve finally been rewarded with the first trailer for Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver, which premieres at SXSW this week.

Edgar Wright does not disappoint! Baby Driver looks cool as hell and pretty much guarenteed to make everyone change-up their favorite movies lists by the end of the year. While the plot has been compared to Refn’s Drive, that doesn’t really matter considering what a strong an unique voice Wright has. We’re surely in for plenty of surprises, as nothing Wright has ever done has just been a straightforward take on familar topes. On that front, it was a great move not to give away the film’s soundtrack in the trailer. From what I hear, the music works so sucessfully with the scenes that some are reffering to the film as a modern day musical. This movie is going to take us all for a spin!

Baby Driver goes wide on August 11th!

Featured Image: TriStar Pictures