Here’s the first trailer for the John Krasinski directed horrror film, A Quiet Place.

There’s a real challenge to the art of horror movies that can effetively use sound to generate the majority of their scares and tension. If this trailer is any indication, A Quiet Place is up to the challenge, and is going to provide quite the sensory ride. The decision to hide the supernatural element is a good marketing move, and certainly adds an desired element of mystery. I have a feeling that this could end up being the kind of movie so many of us wanted from It Comes at Night, and will fully lean into its genre elements. John Krasinski has always been immensely likeable as an actor, and we’re rooting for him to become a new breakout voice in horror. With Emily Blunt leading the charge, there’s little doubt that this is going to be a must-see for horror film next year.

A Quiet Place aims to make noise on April 6th, 2018.

Featured Image: Paramount Pictures