Here’s our first look at Avengers: Infinity War!

Now that’s a hell of a trailer, well worth the hype and anticipation! The trailer really captures the epic angle the film is going for, making it feel like a sci-fi/fantasy event rather than a mere superhero movie. The callback to Nick Fury’s speech in The Avengers delivers serious chills and sets the tone for this being the beginning of the endgame for this stage of the MCU. Infinity War seemingly captures the dynamic look of comic books, forgoeing the washed out gray backdrops of Civil War, and instead presenting a style that looks cinematic. If Josh Brolin’s Thanos maintains the same kind of meance he does here and poses a real threat to our battle-weary heroes, then this film may live up to the war in its title.  And if the Russos are able to balance the multitude of characters and deliver on concrete themes then we could be looking at something spectacular along the lines of our great cinematic genre epics. The billion dollar plus box office will be had regardless, but here’s hoping Avengers: Infinity War delivers a film we’ll be talking about for years to come.

Avengers: Infinity War takes on the galaxy on May 4th, 2018!

Featured Image: Walt Disney Motion Picture Studios