Overview: Vincent chase and his entourage (that’s the name of the series!) struggle with continuous co-dependency and some problems that may impact their careers but probably not. Warner Bros. Pictures; 2015; Rated R; 104 minutes.

Brief History: A little background to my experience with Entourage: I wasn’t in the best place when I discovered the show. There were some personal issues that left me not feeling great on a regular basis. It wasn’t a bout of depression or anything severe, just life wasn’t exactly working in my favor at the time. Then along comes this lifestyle porn… It was infatuation at first sight. I wouldn’t have been able to tell you what drew me to the show at the time (now I have)  but the good news is I recognize how terrible it’d be to aspire to be like these guys.

The ones that aren’t freeloaders or barking blissfully stupid comments about bros before hoes (or something) are so far up their own assholes they can’t realize just how terrible they themselves are. I loved watching these guys just be assholes. I didn’t hate watch it. I genuinely enjoyed spending time with the bros, bros. I didn’t agree with everything they said or did but it was almost sweet how much they cared for each other. Who cares if they were living in a fantasy land where any problem can be solved by saying “Don’t worry about it, I’ll take care of everything,” because that’s exactly what happens. Every. Damn. Time. So yeah, Entourage never really had anything to say about the climate of Hollywood or what it’s actually like to be a rising star (Doug Ellin: What are stakes?) but I can’t help but enjoy the time spent with this entourage (hey, that’s the title of the movie!).

BROllywood: The best part of the Entourage movie is the opening credits. I enjoy when a movie takes full advantage of locale and iconography. As a resident of Los Angeles, I’m pretty strict on showcasing the proper aspects the entirety city (and surrounding counties).  It’s an exciting flash of titles digitally placed around LA landmarks set to Superhero by Jane’s Addiction just as in the TV show (with more locations for the larger cast and heightened budget).

Been There, Done That: After that it’s the quintessential Entourage movie. Either watch the movie or don’t based on how you feel about the show. The characters are shallow and unknowingly awful human beings. Celebrity cameos impact nothing but a potential paycheck. The character’s main goals are to make money and find totally hot girls to do heterosexual sex to. I mean, if you’re not a fan of Entourage, just stay the hell away from the movie. I don’t care if you don’t like it, I just don’t want you to waste your time. I happen to like it because I’m literal garbage so I’m probably going to watch it while eating nachos, drinking beer, and just a guy being dude.

Been There, Done That: This rowdy entourage of people had nothing to offer beyond some fun chemistry. My lord, the chemistry in this series is fantastic – and somehow Jeremy Piven doesn’t just get cast as Ari Gold in everything. Why he doesn’t is beyond me. At least Piven is doing the press tours as Ari (which is multiple levels of gold). Whoever thought that up deserves a night out with the guys.

As bad as that sounds to some of you, hear me out. These guys actually care about each other and their close friends. They’re assholes but they’re sort of our assholes. Just put up with Johnny Drama’s insecurity, E’s extraneous love life that adds nothing to a runtime, Turtle’s… whatever he was doing, and Vinny’s problems-but-not-really, you might have a good time with this.

Final Thoughts: There are plenty of issues at hand here. The pacing is choppy. Take a shot for number of plot points able to be left on the cutting room floor. No actual emotion is earned (MAYBE some Johnny Drama development). But damn it, these guys showed me a good time again.

Grade: C+