Overview: A crime boss orders the assassination of his prized prostitute when he discovers she was helping the police bring down his organization, but he soon discovers that killing her is easier said than done. 2015; Distributed by Dimension Films; Rated R; 92 minutes.

Just Your Average Girl: Within the first three minutes of Everly, it’s plainly evident that viewers are in for a tightly packed, blood soaked, rowdy ride. The film opens with a shot of Salma Hayek’s bare, tattoo saturated back as she struggles to pull herself together and gather enough nerve to face down her captors with a gun she has hidden in the back of her toilet.  As she bursts out of the bathroom, blasting through a horde of guns for hire, it’s easy to assume Everly is an experienced killer, maybe an assassin who managed to find herself falling outside of her boss’s good graces. Well, the second part is true, but this chick is no trained killer. She’s a prostitute who’s been trapped in a criminal overlord’s apartment as is personal plaything for the last four years, riding on adrenaline and desperation to protect her family.

That’s what makes this such an incredibly kick-ass way to feature a female centered action movie, because she’s a John McClane, not a John Wick (don’t get me wrong; I love John Wick). What are some of the first characters that come to mind when you think of a female action star that kicks serious ass? The Bride in Kill Bill? Lara Croft in Tomb Raider? Black Widow in The Avengers? They’re all professional spies, assassins, women who are expected to fight and win, or they’re seeking revenge because they know they can win. Everly is fighting tooth and nail for survival, duct taping her wounds and frustratedly kicking off her leopard print platform heels every time someone new starts shooting at her.

That’s a Lot of Dead Whores: Everly isn’t going to be for everyone. It revels in its excessive gore, over the top violence and almost comically dramatic dialogue. “Lick my balls” is among my favorite things Everly screams as she shoots one of the many different guns she just so happens to know how to use. Each round of assassins sent from the voyeuristic big bad boss, Taiko, gets infinitely more absurd each time she manages to fend them off. Everly is a loud joyous, proud celebration of its genre, and frankly, it’s just a hell of a fun thing to watch.

Grade: B+