When Fox’s The Exorcist was announced, I wasn’t immediately on board. I’m not a purist, but horror television is rarely exceptional. Confined by stauncher censors and limited run times, horror television can be a bloated family-friendly value meal lacking in nutrition and compelling story. However, there are exceptions, and The Exorcist turned out to be one in a big and surprising way. Armed with a cast dedicated to giving iron-tight performances, the story of an upper-class suburban family plagued by familial possession drew viewers in with its brave — and shockingly gory at times — presentation. One of The Exorcist’s greatest strengths is that it never tried to manipulate source material, becoming a beast of its own while respecting its origins. Geena Davis stands out for her performance as a controlling mother emotionally crippled by her own secrets, and Ben Daniels’ Constantine-esque play on the damaged exorcist was the cherry on top to this welcome surprise of a television show.

So, when Fox announced today that they’re renewing the show for a second season despite poor ratings, the horror flag flew high in my heart. Horror News Network has all the details, so take a look at what we know so far.

Stay tuned for updates on The Exorcist, I’m sure at least one of us here at AE will be binge-watching it soon. In case you missed out on the first season, check out the trailer below and start catching up now.

Featured Image: FOX