The best superhero stories in any medium have to do with what their heroics mean to the world at large. Is their the factor of escalation? Do they cause more harm than good? It looks like Joss Whedon may have pondered those same questions when writing Avengers: Age of Ultron. There will be destruction on par with the finale of Man of Steel, but the entire movie isn’t smothered in the same greyish color palette, and we’ve seen these characters main priorities be the safety of civilians. That doesn’t mean there won’t be casualties.

Ultron is sort of a big threat. If Batman is the team of Avengers, Ultron is their Joker. He breaks them like Bane, but is able to creep under their skin and tear them apart “from the inside.” I’m sure newbies Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver will have some hand in that as well.

There’s plenty of spectacle that made me as excited as any great Avengers story has, but in one scene we also see Captain America just unable to save someone. Actions have consequences.

It’s not all grim and dark, as we get a friendly team repertoire with Black Widow deadpanning “I’m always picking up after you boys.” And the featured image feeling like its ripped straight from a comic book cover, this trailer pumps the anticipation levels to 11.

Images courtesy of Marvel Studios.