Here’s the final trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight, Michael Bay’s final (maybe?) foray into the world of Transformers!

So naturally Transformers: The Last Knight is going to be just as nonsensical as all the rest (how do you hide the historical presence of giant, alien robots?), but I can’t say I won’t be there opening night. There’s something to Bay’s blockbuster filmmaking, an aesthetic and a clever use of angles that so many summer movies try to imitate but just can’t capture in the same way. Transformers: The Last Knight feels like summer movie season. Sure, The Last Knight will be big, loud, dumb, and we’ll never believe Mark Whalberg as an inventor, but it’ll be three hours of pure madness from a 52 year-old director who never stopped playing at being 14. And that counts for something, right? Right?

Transformers: The Last Knight is set to make a billion dollars on June 21st, 2017.

Featured Image: Paramount Pictures