Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice may have triumphed at the box office over the weekend, but a larger battle lies ahead. No, we’re not talking about the how the box office numbers will hold up in the second weekend, we’re talking about Warner Bros. plans for the Justice League. This morning the studio released a clip titled “Communion” from the Ultimate Edition, a cut that will be bring the 153 minute film to a whopping 183 minutes. This clip not only promises bigger things to come in that edition, but also acts as an affirmative statement from Warner Bros. that their plans for the Snyder’s Justice League are still in motion, regardless of critical reaction. There’s no going back from this:

The clip clearly takes place after the Trinity’s battle with Doomsday and before we see Lex Luthor getting his head shaved in prison (that guy was bound to get lice.) But before Luthor is arrested we see him communicating with a massive hologram holding three Mother Boxes (portable super computers that can create “boom tubes” used to teleport matter and beings across the universe among other things. On first assumption, the monstrous horned figure could be a redesigned version of Darkseid. But perhaps a better possibility is that it is the character Steppenwolf.

Nicola Scott (DC Comics)

Nicola Scott (DC Comics)

Steppenwolf is Darkseid’s general, and commander of the Parademons (those flying creatures we saw in Bruce Wayne’s vision). Beyond the similarities in design, Steppenwolf was the first being to survive a battle with Doomsday. This would all fit together nicely since Lex Luthor’s research in the Kryptonian ship focused primarily on the creation of a new Doomsday in light of the creature’s history on Krypton.

Whatever the case, exciting possibilities for the the DCEU lie ahead!

Featured Image: Warner Bros.