After months, Ok let’s be serious, after years of anticipation, we finally have our first Ghostbusters trailer! So how does it look? It looks like a slime-covered blast of fun! Ghostbusters has been a pop-culture fixture for decades, but it’s a franchise that has the odd predicament of having a stellar first entry and a sequel that few can really remember. Paul Feig’s film plays up the nostalgia factor just enough to remind us of what we remember most about the originals, while giving us enough of the new to make certain it doesn’t feel like a shameless cash-grab.

Anchored by two of film’s most popular comedians (Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy) and supported by two of SNL’s funniest cast members (Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones) this new film looks like it fully captures the spirit of the original film’s casting. And in case we had any doubt, the trailer doesn’t try to hide it’s female leads behind male supporting characters. Even Chris Hemsworth, who may be one of the film’s most recognizable stars for some movie-goers is only briefly seen, and not heard, in the trailer. The camaraderie on display definitely gives off a Bridesmaids vibe, which is surely the kind of success that everyone is hoping for.

But perhaps most impressive is the film’s style, which refuses to lean into the ever-popular realm of realism. We’ve never seen Ghostbusters like this, and not only does it have all the makings of big-budget blockbuster but it boasts some impressive design choices as well. Feig’s reboot looks to fully capitalize on the concept and we couldn’t be more optimistic about the outcome!

Ghostbusters will blast its way into theaters on July 15th!

Featured Image: Columbia Pictures