Well needless to say, this is a decidedly new direction and look for the character. With his numerous tattoos, metal teeth, and single purple glove, Leto’s Joker definitely has more of a rock star, rapper look than the traditional business dress Joker. While Leto is clearly paying homage to Brian Bolland’s famous picture, his look is unlike anything we’ve ever seen for the character. Personally, I think it looks awesome but I think it’s sure to draw plenty of controversy. As I said in my earlier article, each iteration of the Joker is a chance to reinvent the character and make him surprising again. Furthermore, Leto’s Joker gives us a hint at the direction of David Ayer’s Suicide Squad which seems so far to be a dirty, urban take that seems a far cry from Snyder’s established direction. While this is only the first look of many more to come, I have to say that as of now, Ayer’s reinvention of these classic villains is shaping up to be something far more unexpected than we initially imagined.

Featured Image: Warner Bros.